Since curb appeal is one of the major factors in selling a home its important maintain your home to keep up its appearance. Not many home owners do yearly pressure washing and over time mold and mildew form on the home. Not only is this bad for air quality in the home but if not cleaned regularly it can stain the flashing, siding and gutters and be a permanent eye sore on the home. Therefore, having your home pressure washed yearly will keep it clean and maintain curb appeal on your home. If you choose to do it yourself I recommend you use a non-concentrated bleach. First, choose a side to start. A professional pressure washer will have a low-pressure tip you can use to spray the chemical/water mixture on first. Spray on from one side to the other. When you have finished spraying the chemical then go back with a high pressure tip and rinse. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professionally you want to make sure all the angles of the siding all being hit. Pressure washing is one inexpensive way to maintain your home and protect your homes’ value.